HR Process Outsourcing & Tools

GM Online HR believes that fair HR practice and modern tools help companies to make their employees satisfied and employees satisfaction work towards growth of companies. Thus we introduced our segment of HR Tools and Process Support where we help to our clients to establish a complete HR Department, starting from the manpower planning and budgeting to recruitment & staffing, HR policies preparation and implementation, HRIS and ESS portal, biometric attendance system, payroll management, statutory compliances, leave management and exit formalities.

Under this segment, we outsource the complete HR function of the company and provide high quality of services with modern fasciitis & tools that is very cost effective for the client companies. Rather than setup the in-house HR department, out sourcing the HR process helps clients to experience the hiring of good HR professionals in very low cost and high quality services outcome. We plan the HR audits of whole function of the human resources process along with statutory compliances.

Outsourcing your Human Resources Department with GM Online HR offers phenomenal advantages to the corporate sector, especially the small and medium sized businesses. Some of the advantages with us are:

  • Our HR Process outsourcing services helps you make significant saving in terms of time, effort, infrastructure and manpower. Since you do not have to invest in infrastructure, fixed investments can be avoided.

  • You have the advantage of flexibility to outsource a function or business process that is not your core competency. You can enjoy the benefit of access to skilled manpower and specialists in the domain that may not be available in-house.

  • In house Human Resources cost is quiet high as compared to that of outsourcing. Outsourcing payroll reduces costs from 35-50%.

  • There are many confusing things to track, including forms to locate, tax tables to update, reports to submit and payments to make, while payroll processing. All this increase susceptibility to mistakes and you’ll land up paying penalties or the unwanted delays. But outsourcing minimizes your risks; avoid all the delays and penalties.

  • When payroll and employees are outsourced, management can focus on dealing with care of the business instead of the non-core issues.

  • With the services outsourced to an expert and dedicated team; your employees get timely responded to their queries. This helps in maintaining satisfaction level of you employees.

  • Losing an employee who does the HR work to a new job is no longer a worry if you outsource payrolls.

  • Payroll expertise of the payroll service employed is at your beck and call, so you no longer have to keep track of the constantly changing rules, forms, etc. Also, updating of latest payroll software is no longer your headache.

  • The benefits of outsourcing can give your organization a competitive edge in the market.