Facility Management Services

In this century, the organizational growth depends on the order delivery on time. Delay in services of delivery effect on the quality of work which result is business loss and penalty so we at GM Online HR provide complete manpower logistic services for each industry. Our manpower Logistic Services are engaged majorly with E- Commerce sector but we provide riders, delivery boys, collection executives, picker, documentation executives, transport executives, bikers etc. to retails, warehouses, courier, pharmacy, banking and manufacturer etc.

We deal in other facility services also I.e. Soft Facility Services and Technical Facility Services. Our designed works are:

  1. Janitorial Services:

    1. Cleaning service 24x7

    2. Managing specialized cleaning system

    3. Carpet shampoo

    4. Hot and cold water extraction

    5. Glass cleaning

    6. Pantry services

    7. Day to day operations

    8. Operating vending machine, dishwashing machine and other kitchen appliances

    9. Extra emphasis on over all hygiene

  2. Horticulture Services:

    1. Internal design

    2. Layouts and external landscaping

    3. Provision of indoor and outdoor plants

    4. Pruning and fertilization

    5. Full-service irrigation

  3. Guest- House Management:

    1. Preparation and service of food

    2. Co-ordination of arrival and departure

    3. Inventory checks and upgrading

    4. Purchase and replenishment of requirements and other specialized cleaning system

    5. Setting up and managing guest house 24x7

    6. Concierge service

    7. Managing specialized cleaning system

  4. Other Cleaning Services:

    1. Carpet shampoo

    2. Façade cleaning

    3. Sofa cleaning (Leather & Leatherette)

    4. Chair shampoo

    5. Crystallization of marble/ granite/ kota/ wooden

    6. Blind cleaning

  5. Technical Services:

    1. AC management

    2. Electrical services

    3. DG management

    4. Original equipment manufactures

    5. Coordination

    6. Transformer

    7. LT panel

    8. Fire fighting equipment management

    9. Plumbing services